Job Code: JSOP-1043
Industry: Hospitality (Cruise Ships)

Job Designations: Commis, Housekeeping Staff, Waiter/Waitress, Utility Cleaner, Room Attendant, Storekeeper, Bartender, Laundry Staff, Bakers & Pastry Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Galley Steward, Sous Chef

Responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

In the vibrant world of cruise ship hospitality, a variety of roles ensure seamless guest experiences, comfort, and satisfaction during their voyages.


  • Assisting chefs in food preparation, cooking, and plating, and maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen to support smooth culinary operations onboard.

Housekeeping Staff:

  • Ensuring cleanliness, tidiness, and hygiene in guest cabins, public areas, and facilities, including making beds, replenishing amenities, and responding to guest requests promptly and courteously.


  • Providing attentive and personalized service to guests in dining areas, taking orders, serving meals and beverages, and anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs with professionalism and hospitality.

Utility Cleaner:

  • Performing cleaning and sanitation tasks in various ship areas, such as kitchens, dining rooms, and public spaces, using appropriate cleaning agents and equipment to maintain cleanliness standards and prevent cross-contamination.

Room Attendant:

  • Cleaning and maintaining guest cabins, changing linens, replenishing supplies, and ensuring guest comfort and satisfaction with attention to detail and adherence to service standards.


  • Managing inventory, receiving and storing supplies and provisions, and ensuring proper stock rotation and organization in onboard storerooms to support efficient operations and minimize waste.


  • Crafting and serving beverages, cocktails, and drinks to guests in bars, lounges, and entertainment venues, while maintaining cleanliness, stock levels, and adherence to responsible alcohol service practices.

Laundry Staff:

  • Operating laundry equipment, washing, drying, and folding linens, towels, and uniforms, and maintaining cleanliness and safety in the laundry facility to meet guest and crew needs efficiently.

Bakers & Pastry Chef:

  • Baking and preparing bread, pastries, desserts, and confections onboard, following recipes, quality standards, and production schedules to delight guests with fresh and delicious culinary creations.

Kitchen Assistant:

  • Supporting culinary operations in kitchens, assisting chefs with food preparation, cleaning and sanitizing workstations, utensils, and equipment, and ensuring compliance with food safety and sanitation protocols.

Galley Steward:

  • Assisting kitchen staff in dishwashing, pot washing, and equipment cleaning, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the galley area, and supporting kitchen operations with efficiency and teamwork.

Sous Chef:

  • Assisting the executive chef in menu planning, food production, and kitchen management, supervising culinary staff, and ensuring quality, consistency, and efficiency in food service operations onboard.

Their responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  • Providing exceptional guest service, anticipating and exceeding guest expectations, and creating memorable experiences that reflect the cruise ship’s brand identity and values.
  • Adhering to safety regulations, hygiene standards, and emergency procedures, and participating in crew training, drills, and briefings to ensure guest and crew safety and security at all times.
  • Collaborating with colleagues, supervisors, and department heads to maintain a positive work environment, resolve issues, and achieve departmental goals and objectives.
  • Engaging in continuous learning, skill development, and career advancement opportunities to enhance job performance, professionalism, and job satisfaction onboard.
  • Embracing diversity, teamwork, and inclusion, and respecting cultural differences and individual perspectives among guests and crew members to foster a welcoming and inclusive shipboard community.

On cruise ships, hospitality professionals in roles such as commis, housekeeping staff, waiters/waitresses, utility cleaners, room attendants, storekeepers, bartenders, laundry staff, bakers & pastry chefs, kitchen assistants, galley stewards, and sous chefs contribute to the success and reputation of the cruise line, creating unforgettable experiences for guests and ensuring smooth sailing and enjoyable voyages for all aboard

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